Join the Jack Frost Family

We Offer Memberships for AC, Heating, & Plumbing Services

Membership Plan Perks

  • Free estimates
  • Priority scheduling
  • 10% member rate discount
  • 24-hour emergency service discount
  • Weekend tune ups available upon request
  • Fast, interest-free financing
  • Live technical assistance
  • Waived diagnostic fees
  • Extended warranty on services

AC Membership Plan

  • Inspect coolant levels and pressures
  • Check and adjust thermostat
  • Inpect wiring, contacts, capacitors, and relay
  • Inspect evaporator coil
  • Light cleaning of condenser
  • Inspect condensate drain
  • Inspect outdoor disconnect and compressor start up
  • One lb of refrigerant free if needed upon yearly maintenance
  • Replacement of capacitor every 5 years

Heating Membership Plan


  • Clean blower
  • Clean/adjust burners
  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Inspect ignitor/pilot light
  • Inspect filter
  • Check airflow
  • Inspect aquastat
  • Inspect zone valves
  • Inspect and tighten all electrical connections
  • Replacement of thermocouple and relief valve every 3 years to avoid breakdown

  • Removed existing filter, nozzle burner screen and replace with new
  • Recalibrate system for high efficiency
  • Vacuum soot in chimney and bottom of boiler (light cleaning)

Plumbing Membership Plan

  • Check water pressure
  • Inspect washing machine hoses
  • Inpect every faucet for leaks
  • Perform test on toilets to ensure they are leak free and perform optimaly
  • Inspect every drain for appropriate flow
  • Inspect garbage disposals
  • Inspect all emergency shut off valve to ensure proper functioning
  • Inpect all sink traps for leaks
  • Replace water heater relief valve every 3 years
  • One free minor drain cleaning every 2 years

What Else is Included in These Membership Programs?

Along with each plan the following is also included: tune up for the year, discount on services, priority scheduling, extended warranties, waived diagnostic fees, 24-hour emergency service discount, fast, free financing* (for qualifying customers)

For more information contact us or schedule your maintenance today.